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Products for gastrointestinal health...naturally.

For horses - improving health and performance for the modern equestrian

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®
SUCCEED® is a Functional Feed™ program that provides specialized nutrients that support the structure and function of the entire equine digestive system. Natural and comprehensive, this daily nutritional program helps ensure your horse is in optimal health and condition, for optimal appearance, temperament and performance.

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SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test™
The SUCCEED® FBT is a simple, noninvasive diagnostic aid that helps you and your veterinarian determine if your horse is suffering from a digestive tract condition, quickly and affordably. It's the only reliable method for detecting occult fecal blood from sources anywhere along the equine GI tract, so it can help your veterinarian distringuish between foregut and hindgut conditions, in a matter of minutes.

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For People - researching nutritional approaches to serious health issues

Freedom Health is currently in research and development of natural products that meet the rigorous demands of human healthcare markets. By combining our expertise in nutrition, gastrointestinal health and consumer products, we are exploring new, innovative approaches to managing serious conditions of the digestive system. Freedom Health is investigating the effects of specialized nutrients on a variety of issues, including stomatitis, mucositis, cachexia and more.

Succeed DCP
SUCCEED® is available in oral paste or top-dress granules from tack and feed stores, or ask your veterinarian.

Succeed FBT
The SUCCEED® FBT is available exclusively through your veterinarian for about $40 per test.